Thursday, May 15, 2014

mengandung lagi?

Terkejut tak?hehe..tapi inilah yg real life k..n happening to me..right first,mcm susah nk terima..asyik mengugle either i can do for abortion bcos it still new n fact that i'm really not ready to have another one more from google i can conclude that you can have an abortion for a family planning..but only if with certain condition..which i never fall to those condition pon. what bother me so much i do not prepare for the newbie is:
1) how do is spare my time with 3 kids afterwords?
2)i am not really ready to be a super duper bz for now, i already into it..HOW IT GONNA BE.?
3)money is not really a big deal coz every kids has their own rezki..i believe on that..but at that time i was like cukup2 makan seyh...

so apa yg saya buat..
1)pray a lot so that Allah will give me petunjuk..
2)ask opinion from all-relatives n frens
3)prepare mental n fizikal

so at the moment i dah pon 12 w pregnant for 3rd silap..i think its do i accept it?
as usual..many incredible things happen..when my sis ask to take care one of my heart was zuuupp!! mne boleh!!common sense as a mother i think..then all this make me realize..Allah wont give me that precious thing if i am not able to cope with that..thats true..Allah always know the ability of a the same time, my income has increase..that was really show the baby rezki..and of coz all of my frens against me for the abortion...there is one of my collegue that really await for the anugerah allah...but she still work on it n her words just make my deep heart so ...... "ramai lagi yang nak anak tapi xdapat..xkan ko senang je dapat pastu nk buang plak..klu xkesian kat budak tu,kesian la kat aku"
speechless...but hey..thats all made me a grew up women and accepted for Allah faith.n here it is..bby 13 w in me...after this i will be a super duper buzy moms..please..don't be afraid to get pregnant..oh..btw, im jot using any protection since my first pregnancy..heheh

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  1. alhamdulillah. CONGRATULATION, Tiah! betul cakap kawan tiah tu.. ada je org yg nakkan anak tapi belum diberikan rezeki. so, appreciate and syukur what you have been given. :) Pray for me too.

    Hugs and love,
    Syikin Maarop.